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Ryan has spent most of his years abroad, from boarding school in England to a Master’s degree in Engineering Hydrology from the prestigious Imperial College in London.
Despite the more straightforward education and the return to help in the family business, he has always cooked. When he returned from San Francisco in 2007, he was ready for a new life, a new career. Little did he know that this would lead him to create a business from his passion. In fact, he was going to become a chef!
How it happened, was either a stroke of genius or rather, just plain luck! Ryan was asked to cook for a surprise dinner for a very close friend. This was, in fact, his first “gig.” From that dinner, spawned 3… from those 3, spawned others. He was invited to be a guest chef at a charity dinner for 400. The rest is almost history.

Sometimes, one falls into a profession, which is (with hind sight) so obvious. The hobby has now become his profession.

His style of food is really a form of modern Euro. His range of food he appreciates, is extremely diverse. A China man at heart, you will often see him at out of the way local joints, frequented by locals. He says, “even though my style of food is European, you can learn from all cultures!”

The inspiration for his food is derived from his many experiences visiting many different countries. There are parts of his cuisine that are derived from very early childhood memories from England. Inspiration comes from all angles of life. He loves wandering around markets smelling and looking.

At the present moment, he does his private dining, restaurant consultancy (coming out real soon!), some writing and now, media work. He is torn between his ambition of owning and running his own restaurant and having the flexibility his present profession offers him. “It might be a matter of time, but right now, I’m real happy!”

A quote: “So, I am now a private chef. The thing is, I have never worked so hard for so little money! But, you know, I have never been more proud of what I have created! It’s also a barrel of laughs,” he says with a smirk.


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